Everything was born from a dream!

ODStore was born from a dream and the great will of a young man who at the age of 20 decided to open a bakery, decisively launching himself into the world of entrepreneurship as a small artisan producer, offering products born from traditional Italian recipes.

A good dose of courage, unwavering commitment and a dash of luck were the ingredients of success that led that guy from the small bakery to the opening of the first ODStore stores.

With fresh over-the-counter products of its own production, a wide assortment of own-brand packaged items and a variety of offerings of the best brands on the market at unbeatable prices, ODStore now has more than 100 outlets throughout Italy and is continuously expanding.

ODStore in shopping malls

The growth strategy focuses on opening stores with larger floor areas, and the new format includes a larger assortment specializing in confectionery, a choice that consumers immediately appreciate.
“ODStore” outlets owe their success not only to the quality of products, but above all to a strategy based on affordable prices, which allows them to face competitors in the category.
The stores offer a wide variety of fresh produce and a large assortment of well-known Italian brands.

ODStore Elnos Shopping

ODStore Orio Center

ODStore Lingotto

Today there are more than 30 ODStore stores within shopping malls.

ODStore in city centers

The expansion plan has led ODStore to develop openings in some
of the most important squares or streets in Italy, both from a tourist and commercial point of view.
This choice has been rewarded by the great success of these central outlets
that have enabled ODStore to build international brand awareness.

ODStore Building Milan

ODStore Rome

ODStore Florence

Today there are more than 20 ODStore stores in major Italian cities.

ODStore in retail parks

ODStore has also predominantly developed its chain outside the
of urban centers and in retail parks by offering its customers a wider range of
of products and practical services such as parking.

ODStore Varese

ODStore Voghera

ODStore Romagnano Sesia

Today there are more than 40 ODStore stores in Retail Parks.

ODStore in major stations

ODStore has developed a dedicated display concept in large stations
Where product display becomes the star. A world of colors and delicious goodness
that attract the customer’s attention while ensuring maximum visual and emotional impact.

ODStore Turin Porta Nuova

ODStore Roma Termini

ODStore Bologna Central

Today there are more than 10 ODStore stores in Major Stations.